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The benefit of one contrast injection system across all cardiovascular angiographic procedures

AngioTouch® Hand Controller demo

Reducing CI-AKI Incidence in TAVR Procedures


Interview with Prof Werner (Heart Center Trier, Germany)




CVi overview

Introduces the CVi system and key components.

CVi isolated contrast reservoir

Introducing the CVi consumable – Isolated Contrast Reservoir. 

CVi isolation manifold kit

Introducing the CVi consumable – Isolation Manifold Kit. 



CVi prepping the contrast bottle and loading the syringe

CVi using the same syringe for another case



CVi helpful hint – reducing contrast

Helpful hint for if you feel you are using too much contrast.

CVi hand controller not working

Steps to take if the hand controller is not working.

CVi tubing moving in saline pump

Steps to remedy if the tubing is moving in the Saline Pump.

CVi touchscreen not responding

Steps to take if the touchscreen is not responding.

CVi manifold valve open

Troubleshooting a Manifold Valve Open alert message.

CVi air column detect

Troubleshooting an Air Column Detected alert message.

Clinical evidence

Use of the ACIST CVi System in the Catheterization Laboratory: Contrast Reduction, Image Quality, and Ease of Use for Enhanced Patient Care

Learn more about how using CVi can enhance patient care. 

Automated Contrast Injection System Insights into Flow Rate Parameters and Pressure: A Candid Conversation with Dr. Bob Wilson about the ACIST CVi Contrast Management System

Learn how CVi can help physicians address a wide range of procedure types and manage whatever arises intra procedure. 

Automated Contrast Injection in Contemporary Practice During Cardiac Catheterization and PCI: Effects on Contrast-Induced Nephropathy

Learn more about how using automated contrast injection can contribute toward reduced rates of CIN. 

Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Automated Contrast Injection Devices Versus Manual Injection and Contrast Volume on Risk of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy

Learn more about how using ACIs in angiography significantly reduces the volume of contrast delivered to the patient and the incidence of CIN. 

CIN White Paper

Learn more about how CVi allows precise control of contrast volume and flow rate, which can potentially decrease incidences of CIN. 

Radiation Safety

Learn more about how using CVi, as well as other measures, can effectively help reduce radiation exposure to levels as low as reasonably achievable.