vascular disease

vascular disease

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is a circulation disorder that affects the arteries that carry blood to the head, organs and limbs. It is typically caused by a buildup of plaque that causes narrowing and blockage. PVD may cause swelling and severe pain in the affected lower extremity, as well as restricted mobility due to pain or discomfort.

Diagnosis and intervention are important as PVD may increase the risk of ischemia and lead to serious complications, including poor wound healing and amputation.

ACIST. It’s how you know.


HDi High-Definition IVUS System enables optimized visualization to inform and illuminate coronary and peripheral intervention strategy through advanced imaging modes, improved deliverability of the Kodama IVUS Catheter and interactive compact console. 


Peripheral IVUS

Clinical Evidence

Use of IVUS in lower extremity procedures was associated with lower risk of complications post-procedure and lower risk of amputation11 

2.8x less target lesion revascularizations at one-year follow up when using IVUS in directional atherectomy procedures compared to angiography alone12

Visual estimation measurements obtained from angiographic images were consistently smaller across all arterial segments than those obtained from IVUS assessment13 

69% more calcium detected by IVUS compared to angiography in the same lesions14 

2x more thrombus identified by IVUS compared to angiography15 

4x more post-stent dissections were identified by IVUS compared to angiography16

3.5x more post-angioplasty dissections were identified by IVUS compared to angiography17

6x more post-atherectomy dissections were identified by IVUS compared to angiography17 

See the Difference. Visualize with Confidence.


RXi and the ACIST Navvus® II MicroCatheter give you the freedom to quickly and easily assess Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) using your 0.014” guidewire of choice along with a simple and intuitive user interface and flexible mounting configurations.


CVi Contrast Delivery System gives you the power to deliver real-time, variable-flow control of the contrast for precise and consistent contrast administration with built-in air column detection sensor alerts that improves patient and operator safety. 


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