RXi and the ACIST Navvus® MicroCatheter give you the freedom to quickly and easily assess Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) using your 0.014″ guidewire of choice along with a simple and intuitive user interface and flexible mounting configurations.

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Introducing NAVVUS® II

Second Generation Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter.

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Navvus II is available in select countries


The ACIST RXi is the only Rapid Exchange FFR System and helps to simplify physiological assessment of complex coronary artery disease.


Plug-and-Play System.


The touch screen makes it easy to read both aortic and distal pressures as well as FFR and the resting Pd/Pa ratio on one screen.


Offered on a cart or bedrail mounted configuration. It’s flexible to work with your cath lab set-up.


Meet the next-generation FFR system engineered to seamlessly integrate with your hemodynamic system and FFR software.


Four unique, adaptable mounting configurations to accommodate your preferred workflow.

Acist RXi mini catheter


Seamless with hemodynamic systems for streamlined patient data management.


Minimal cath lab footprint.

Navvus® FFR MicroCatheters


The Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCather that started it all, allowing you to use your guidewire of choice while assessing complex lesions.

Navvus® II

Introducing the advanced, second-generation Navvus II FFR MicroCatheter. This catheter delivers more flexibility than before and has a streamlined crossing profile to assess even the most complex lesions.

Assessing complex FFR

RXi offers you the power to simplify assessment of complex coronary artery disease.

Providing value

Navvus can save valuable time and resources when assessing complex coronary artery disease.1

Clinically proven

Strong correlative performance between physiological assessment measured by Navvus compared to standard pressure wires validates Navvus as a true alternative.1

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