Post-PCI FFR Values and Post-PCI IVUS Findings – 2-Year FFR REACT Results (NEW)

This study examines the influence of post-PCI intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) evaluation on operator strategy. The objective is to evaluate the effects of additional optimization in patients with low post-PCI FFR values. The trial indicates that performing additional optimization techniques improves post-PCI FFR in patients with FFR < 0.90. The FFR REACT trial utilized IVUS guidance […]

FFR-Guided PCI Optimization Direct by IVUS – 2-Year FFR REACT Results (NEW)

The objective of this study was to examine the impact of IVUS-guided post-PCI optimization on the occurrence of target vessel failure (TVF) at a 2-year follow-up, in comparison to standard of care. The study was conducted after the FFR React trial, where intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) was utilized to guide PCI optimization in patients with post-PCI […]

Ultra-Low Contrast Imaging and PCI (NEW)

Dr. Ziad A. Ali, Interventional Cardiologist at Saint Francis Hospital and Heart Center, emphasizes the significance of reducing contrast exposure and utilizing the least nephrotoxic contrast agents in angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention, particularly in patients with pre-existing chronic kidney disease. By implementing intravenous volume hydration, ensuring appropriate catheter engagement, and limiting contrast injection volume, […]

Pre-and Post-PCI Physiological Assessment with Dr. Arnold Seto (NEW)

Dr. Arnold Seto, Chief of Cardiology Long Beach VA Medical Center, discusses the advancements in pressure sensor wires and catheter technologies. Specifically, he highlights the enhancements made to the ACIST Navvus II® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter compared to its predecessor, Navvus®. The Navvus II® microcatheter provides several advantages over conventional FFR pressure wire technology, including […]

RXi Instruction Videos Playlist (NEW)

In this informative video, product specialist Guy Nothem introduces the RXi® Rapid Exchange FFR System. The RXi® system, combined with the Navvus® Rapid Exchange Micr0Catheter, employs a cutting-edge fiber optic transducer to ensure precise FFR measurements. Notably, interventional cardiologists can utilize their preferred 0.014″ wire while maintaining optimal wire position within the coronary artery throughout […]

FFR-Guided PCI Optimization Directed by High-Definition IVUS – EuroPCR 2021 (NEW)

From Euro PCR Dr. Joost Daemen, an international cardiologist at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, discusses the concept of post PCI FFR guided by IVUS. “By using IVUS to assess post-PCI results we were able to optimize the procedure in 80% of the cases. By adding either additional stents, in 30% of the […]

RXi dPR Sheet: Europe (NEW)

The ACIST RXi® Rapid Exchange System offers the ACIST diastolic pressure ratio (dpr) as a non-hyperemic solution for physiological assessment of coronary disease. This approach has the potential to decrease patient discomfort, lower costs, and reduce procedure time. Utilizing the Navvus®II Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter, the ACIST RXi® System serves as an alternative to conventional […]

Why Imaging and Physiology Improve Outcomes – Dr Joost Daemen (NEW)

[transcript] [vertaling] mijn naam is joost naam en ik ben interventie cardiologie met het erasmus medisch centrum en ik heb gemiddelde eer om eigenlijk voor het eerst hier op de dresken symposium te spreken en een sponsor respons het symposium te mogen voor zitten symposium gesponsord door 6 medical wat we eigenlijk zouden willen in […]


Introducing the groundbreaking Navvus II® Rapid Exchange Pressure MicroCatheter, designed for evaluating coronary and peripheral physiology. This tool aids in the assessment of whether additional physiological intervention is required. It can be utilized with both hyperemic and non-hyperimic physiological assessments. After extensive testing, the ACIST team has found that Navvus II® facilitates navigation and enhances […]

ACIST FFR Search Information Sheet (NEW)

FFR-Search is an extensive study investigating the relationship between post-PCI FFR values and clinical outcomes within a real-world patient population. The study employs the ACIST Navvus® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter, known for its deliverability and crossability. Additionally, this innovative device empowers users with the freedom to select their preferred guidewire, for swift and precise FFR […]

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