FFR-Search is an extensive study investigating the relationship between post-PCI FFR values and clinical outcomes within a real-world patient population. The study employs the ACIST Navvus® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter, known for its deliverability and crossability. Additionally, this innovative device empowers users with the freedom to select their preferred guidewire, for swift and precise FFR measurements. The study concluded that lower post-PCI values are linked to increased MACE rates at one year. Continue reading to see more results from the study.


“The preliminary data from FFR-Search has the potential to significantly expand this technology’s role in the cath lab in the future, which is why we’re eager to see the important results of the primary endpoint in two years”

FFR-Search Co-PI Dr. Nicolas M. Van Mieghem, MD, PhD, FESC, Director of Interventional Cardiology at Thoraxcenter, Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands


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