From Euro PCR Dr. Joost Daemen, an international cardiologist at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, discusses the concept of post PCI FFR guided by IVUS.

“By using IVUS to assess post-PCI results we were able to optimize the procedure in 80% of the cases. By adding either additional stents, in 30% of the cases, or doing additional optimization of the previously implanted stent in 1/3 patients” – Dr. Joost Daeman

In the trial there was only one periprocedural complication which was a minor dissection that was resolved with an additional stent. Dr. Joost and his colleagues concluded that post-PCI optimization is a safe maneuver/procedure when directed by IVUS.


Design: Prospective, single center, randomized controlled trial

Objective: to evaluate if FR guided PCi optimization detected by HD-IVUS in patients with post-PCI FFR < .90 will improve clinical outcome

Primary endpoint: target vessel failure at 1 year

Current status: 82% inclusion


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