DAIC Blog: Enhancing Efficiency and Patient Care with a Modern Injector

Click here to read:   Read this blog to explore the various features and functions of the ACIST CVI® Contrast Delivery Systems. It highlights the range of abilities CVI® has in terms of device capabilities, setup options, and use-case applications. Learn how these features can positively impact the cath lab as a whole including: healthcare […]

Get the Complete Picture: DMC Heart Hospital (NEW)

Watch this video to hear from Dr. Chadi Alraies, Medical Director Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Director Interventional Cardiology Research at DMC Heart Hospital in Detroit Michigan, about the usability and benefits of the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System. He speaks about how it is easy to set up, understand, and use. Specifically, Dr, Alraies talks about […]

Making a Case for the Variable Rate Contrast Injector (NEW)

  Click here to view article   Dr. Maurice Alston, Interventional Cardiologist at the Tennova Medical Center in Cleveland, TN, provides insights into the significance of variable rate contrast injectors. He explains that using a hand manifold system can be difficult at times and can also create a constant worry of having air embolism. Dr. […]

Ultra-Low Contrast Imaging and PCI (NEW)

Dr. Ziad A. Ali, Interventional Cardiologist at Saint Francis Hospital and Heart Center, emphasizes the significance of reducing contrast exposure and utilizing the least nephrotoxic contrast agents in angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention, particularly in patients with pre-existing chronic kidney disease. By implementing intravenous volume hydration, ensuring appropriate catheter engagement, and limiting contrast injection volume, […]

Dr. Bob Wilson Study – Radiation Scatter in the Cath Lab (NEW)

Dr. Wilson, Interventional Cardiologist and founder of ACIST Medical Systems, discusses the importance of minimizing radiation scatter within the catheterization lab. Until recently, little was known about the specific risks that cath lab professionals could encounter due to radiation exposure and what this means for workplace and provider safety. Consequently, Dr. Wilson and his team […]

Making the Case for CI-AKI Prevention With the ACIST CVi™ Contrast Delivery System (NEW)

In this article by Dr. Sandeep Krishnan, Interventional and Structural Cardiologist at King’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland, KY, we look at how the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System can benefit medical professionals’ practices and their catheterization labs. CVi® has many safety features that can help reduce the risk of air injection. Not only does […]

ACIST CVi™ Knowledge Leadership (NEW)

Discover the insights of Dr. Mark Rothenberg, Medical Director at Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL, regarding the ACIST CVi™ Contrast Delivery System. Dr. Rothenberg has dedicated over two decades to his career in interventional cardiology, where he recognized the significance of efficient contrast delivery. Delve into the details of […]

CIN White Paper (NEW)

Dr. Richard Solomon, Chief of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and Fletcher Allen Health Care, introduces causes of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy (CIN) in the catheterization lab and its impact on patient outcomes. He became involved with contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) from a research perspective in the early 1990s, […]

Automated Contrast Injection System Insights into Flow Rate Parameters and Pressure (NEW)

Join a conversation with Dr. Bob Wilson, founder of ACIST Medical Systems, about the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System. ACIST CVi® System is an automated, variable-rate contrast injection system for angiographic procedures. Some key features of the CVi® mentioned are the variable rate injection controlled by the handheld AngioTouch®, 4 active safety sensors, peristaltic pump […]

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