Dr. Wilson, Interventional Cardiologist and founder of ACIST Medical Systems, discusses the importance of minimizing radiation scatter within the catheterization lab. Until recently, little was known about the specific risks that cath lab professionals could encounter due to radiation exposure and what this means for workplace and provider safety. Consequently, Dr. Wilson and his team have chosen to maintain thorough records of radiation measurements in cath labs to better analyze radiation scatter and its effects on individuals in the cath lab.


“We got to reduce the occupational exposure for radiation for people working in cath labs, because they are really in a sense guinea pigs right now. They are the only people of any profession that are getting this kind of radiation every day. And it takes 30 years to know what happens and its been 30 years, and we know what happens isn’t good. So we decided that we were going to start making detailed measurements for radiation around the table.” – Dr. Wilson


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