Is investment procedure useful? – Dr Florent Chevalier, MLCTO 2022 (NEW)

Dr. Florent Chevalier, Interventional Cardiologist at Centre Hospitalier de Saint-Quentin in France, presents his reasoning for the usefulness of investment procedure. He presents several patient cases using diagnostic imaging (IVUS) to back up his explanations.  ACIST® Medical Systems, a Bracco Group company, is a market leader in contrast injection technologies that simplify complex cardiac cath […]

HDi – Circumflex Calcium (NEW)

Take a moment to watch the video below, showcasing the distinctive perspectives on Circumflex Calcium provided by the ACIST HDi® 60 MHz and the competing IVUS 20 MHz systems. This video offers an opportunity to observe and compare the imaging capabilities of these two technologies. Witness firsthand how the ACIST HDi® 60 MHz system presents […]

HDi Kodama Spec Sheet (NEW)

The ACIST HDi® High-definition IVUS System is designed to enhance visualization, providing valuable insights to guide and enhance coronary and peripheral intervention strategies. This intravascular ultrasound product brings benefits to both patients and medical professionals. With its advanced imaging modules, the HDi® system offers improved clarity and definition, enabling precise pre-procedural planning and accurate post-procedural […]

HDi – Circumflex Stent (NEW)

Take a moment to watch the informative video below, which highlights the distinct capabilities of the ACIST HDi® 60 MHz and the competing IVUS 20 MHz systems in visualizing the Circumflex Stent. The video provides a comparative analysis, allowing you to observe the differences in image quality and visualization between these two technologies. By examining […]

HDi – Tibial Dissection (NEW)

Take a moment to watch this video, presenting two contrasting imaging views of a tibial dissection. On the left side, you will witness the ACIST HDi HD IVUS System 60 MHz with a 10 mm field of view, while on the right side, the competing IVUS 20 MHz with a 10 mm field of view […]

HDi – SFA Dissection (NEW)

In this video, you will witness a comparison of two IVUS systems, showcasing their distinct disparities in imaging the Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) dissection. On the left, the ACIST HDi® HD IVUS System 60 MHz provides a 10 mm field of view of the SFA, while on the right, the competing IVUS 20 MHz system […]

ACIST HDi – Visualize with Confidence (NEW)

Learn about the ACIST HDi® HD IVUS system, a preferred choice for optimized imaging by leading professionals. With its 60 MHz capability, this intravascular ultrasound system provides easy-to-use touchscreen functionality, superior visualization for media compared to OCT, 8x better detection of liquid pools than 40 MHz, and a 74% treatment strategy change during procedures. It […]

Dissections Identified by IVUS vs. Angiography Alone (NEW)

This informative graph demonstrates the effectiveness of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) compared to angiography in identifying dissections. Key findings indicate that IVUS outperforms angiography, identifying 4 times more post-stent dissections, 3.4 times more post-angioplasty dissections, and 6 times more post-atherectomy dissections. These results underscore the benefits of utilizing the IVUS system and intracoronary imaging for accurate […]

Femoropopliteal Artery with Thrombus Identified (NEW)

This graphic highlights an outcome disparity between intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and angiography, specifically when examining the femoropopliteal artery. The data reveals that IVUS identified twice as much thrombus compared to angiography. This disparity underscores the enhanced thrombus detection capability of IVUS/intracoronary imaging in this arterial segment.   Note: See full resource above for complete citations […]


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