ACIST Medical Systems

ACIST is a pioneering interventional and diagnostic technology company with a portfolio of advanced products, including the world’s first Rapid Exchange FFR and High Definition IVUS systems. We are also a global market leader in advanced contrast imaging systems for cardiovascular angiography. As part of the Bracco Group, ACIST benefits from the resources of a multinational conglomerate with broad expertise in cath lab technology and a dedication to continuous advancement.

ACIST Medical’s U.S.-based corporate headquarters manages all device manufacturing, research and development, technical and customer service, and global marketplace support. In addition, we have regional offices to support local sales and service for our vast array of international customers.

At every level of our operations, we are focused on our shared vision to be a leading provider of innovative diagnostic and interventional products and services that enable the interventionalist and their clinical team in providing superior patient care.

ACIST Medical Systems, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Eden Prairie, MN

ACIST Europe B.V., Heerlen, The Netherlands

ACIST Japan, Tokyo

The Bracco Group