The ACIST HDi® High-definition IVUS System is designed to enhance visualization, providing valuable insights to guide and enhance coronary and peripheral intervention strategies. This intravascular ultrasound product brings benefits to both patients and medical professionals. With its advanced imaging modules, the HDi® system offers improved clarity and definition, enabling precise pre-procedural planning and accurate post-procedural assessment. The ACIST HDi® features a compact console with a touch screen interface, allowing for efficient analysis and seamless integration into cath lab settings with its small footprint. Notably, the system is now indicated for both coronary and peripheral vasculature procedures, expanding its versatility. The Kodama® HD IVUS Catheter’s optimized deliverability and unique variable flexibility contributes to its ability to capture quality images even in complex procedures. For further information on the ACIST HDi® system, ACIST Kodama®, and to explore imaging results, please continue reading.


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