The Acist Navvus®II Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter provides users with the flexibility to utilize their preferred .014” guidewire, enabling fast and precise FFR assessment. This product offers several advantages. It enhances performance by improving flexibility, reducing the profile for entering lesions, and facilitating navigation of complex disease through streamlined contouring. With the ability to use a 0.014″ guidewire of choice, the ACIST Navvus®II ensures control throughout the procedure, including pullback and post-PCI assessments. Its consistent and accurate performance is attributed to its fiber-optic sensor technology, which is potentially less prone to drift compared to traditional pressure wires. The Navvus®II features a streamlined crossing profile, enhancing crossability, and is compatible with any existing RXi® Rapid Exchange FFR System, the Non-Hyperemic Index for Coronary Physiology or RXi® Mini™ Rapid Exchange FFR System. For more information on the characteristics and technical specialties of Navvus®II, please continue reading.


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