The deliberate design of the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System aims to minimize patient risks. With a robust design, the ACIST CVi® has successfully facilitated the diagnosis and treatment of over 30 million coronary procedures while effectively reducing angiographic risks. One key aspect of the CVi® system’s value lies in its ability to reduce contrast volume for patients through various means, including parameter adjustments, real-time dose tracking, variable rate injection, and the utilization of smaller catheters. Moreover, the CVi® System incorporates twelve specific design elements that effectively mitigate the risk of air injection during angiography. Additionally, the CVi® system significantly reduces the occurrence of dissections during procedures, with less than one in a million patients experiencing coronary dissection when using the CVi® system.



The CVi® System can reduce contrast volume for all patients requiring a diagnostic or interventional angiography, resulting in up to 30% reduction in CI-AKI vs. manual injection. The CVi® System has twelve design elements that mitigate air injection. Fewer than 1 in a million patients experience a coronary dissection using the CVi® System.


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