The ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System streamlines procedures, enhances patient care, optimizes workflow, and improves overall efficiency. It effectively caters to a wide range of angiographic procedures, accommodating both small injections in coronary arteries and large volumes in ventricles and peripheral vasculature. A key component of the system is the AngioTouch® Hand Controller, which enables real-time control of contrast injection rate, ensuring precise and consistent administration of contrast. The implementation of CVi® has yielded various benefits, including a notable 30% reduction in contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) and a 25% reduction in contrast usage compared to manual injection. Moreover, CVi® contributes to workplace safety by reducing clinician radiation exposure by 50% through step-back capabilities using the hand controller, while its design minimizes the risk of repetitive stress injuries for operators. In addition to these advantages, the system enhances operational efficiency by reducing contrast usage by 45 mL compared to manual injectors. It also saves an average of 5 minutes per procedure.


Increasing Patient Safety: up to 30% reduction in CI-AKI vs. manual injection. Around a 25% reduction in contrast use without compromising image quality when comparing 4FR to 6FR diagnostic procedures.

Increasing Workplace Safety: Up to 50% reduction in clinician radiation exposure by stepping back. 49.4% of interventional cardiologists have experienced at least one orthopedic industry.

Increasing Operational Efficiency: 45mL decrease per case when injector used. An average of 5 minutes faster per procedure.


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