CVi Low Dose Options (NEW)

In this resource, we look at how the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System optimizes contrast supply. Managing contrast supply can help decrease both dose and waste of contrast, while also reducing the risk of post-procedure CI-AKI for patients presenting for coronary angiography procedures. Some of the key CVi® features and methods that can help reduce […]

COVID-19 Patient Care (NEW)

ACIST Medical Systems offers diagnostic tools to enhance patient care. Education is a key aspect of our partnership. Clinical evidence highlights the impact of COVID-19 on multiple organs, including the kidneys. Acute kidney injury (AKI) can occur in not just the elderly, but also young and healthy adults with COVID-19. A strong correlation exists between […]

ACIST Corporate Brochure (NEW)

ACIST informs interventional decisions during cardiovascular disease, structural heart, and peripheral procedures. The ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System, RXi® Rapid Exchange FFR System with dPR* (the Non-Hyperemic Index for Coronary Physiology) and the Navvus II® MicroCatheter, and the HDI® HD IVUS System with the Kodama® HD IVUS Catheter give physicians worldwide the ability to visualize, […]

RXi dPR Sheet: Europe (NEW)

The ACIST RXi® Rapid Exchange System offers the ACIST diastolic pressure ratio (dpr) as a non-hyperemic solution for physiological assessment of coronary disease. This approach has the potential to decrease patient discomfort, lower costs, and reduce procedure time. Utilizing the Navvus®II Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter, the ACIST RXi® System serves as an alternative to conventional […]

HDi Quick Guide (NEW)

Welcome to this comprehensive and concise guide for the HDi® HD IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) System. Familiarizing yourself with the components and their functions is key when utilizing the High-definition IVUS system. Among the essential components are the monitor, console, DVD/USB ports, ports and controls, cart, power supply, Patient Interface Module (PIM), Linear Translation System (LTS), […]

CVi Consumables Sheet (NEW)

The ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System offers a range of consumable products that aim to simplify setup, effectively manage contrast usage, and ensure precise control and consistency in delivering contrast during angiographic procedures. Among these consumables, you will find the AngioTouch® Hand Controller sets with either ATP or ATX patient kits, both intended for single-patient […]

CVi Quick Guide (NEW)

This is a quick guide for learning how to use and implement the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System. There are a variety of components that make up the CVi® Contrast Injector. Some of these include touch screen monitor, saline pump, injector head, mobile cart, among others. Some of the consumables include the patient tubing, hand […]


Introducing the groundbreaking Navvus II® Rapid Exchange Pressure MicroCatheter, designed for evaluating coronary and peripheral physiology. This tool aids in the assessment of whether additional physiological intervention is required. It can be utilized with both hyperemic and non-hyperimic physiological assessments. After extensive testing, the ACIST team has found that Navvus II® facilitates navigation and enhances […]

HDi Kodama Spec Sheet (NEW)

The ACIST HDi® High-definition IVUS System is designed to enhance visualization, providing valuable insights to guide and enhance coronary and peripheral intervention strategies. This intravascular ultrasound product brings benefits to both patients and medical professionals. With its advanced imaging modules, the HDi® system offers improved clarity and definition, enabling precise pre-procedural planning and accurate post-procedural […]

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