High Tech Cardio

High Tech brings the French interventional cardiology group together in Marseille at the beginning of the year for a program of technical innovations, clinical updates and daily practice exchange sessions.

Optimizing PCI using FFR and HD-IVUS, Part 4 – The role of IVUS in guiding calcium modification strategies

The ACIST sponsored webinar presented by Joost Daemen, MD, PhD and Jurgen M.R. Ligthart from the Erasmus University – Department Cardiology, Rotterdam/ Netherlands is an interactive educational program that is designed for physicians that want to learn more about using FFR and HD IVUS for PCI optimization in clinical practice. This exclusive event is lead by Joost Daemen, MD, PhD and Jurgen M.R. Ligthart who have extensive experience with this technology in their daily clinical practice.

Learning objectives:

• Appreciate different types of calcium

• Select most appropriate modification strategies

• Assess modification effect and guide stent implantation


With an educational focus on state-of-the-art imaging and physiology research, iPCI will be led by a global faculty of over 35 physicians and engineers. Beyond the plenary programme, the event will provide rich opportunities for on-site delegates to benefit from practical learnings and the possibility to participate in workshops.  A free-to-access live virtual broadcast will […]

High Tech Cardio

Annual tradeshow in Marseille, France with national and international exhibitors.


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The Actualisations et Perspectives en PAthologie Cardiovasculaire (APPAC) is a yearly conference in France.


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