The MLCTO is a specialized conference focused on the treatment of CTO in multivessel and left main coronary arteries. This international meeting is attended by global interventional cardiologists as the high-quality sessions offer a great learning opportunity to discuss the latest advancements, techniques, and research in the field of coronary interventions.

Thursday 27 June from 13.30-15.30, during the Session ‘Solutions to common antegrade problems’, a Live-in-Box session sponsored by ACIST with Dr. Ram Vijayaraghavan (Scarborough Health Hospital in Toronto, Canada) will take place titled “Shocked to get retrograde with ACISTance “

Additionally, several OPCI IVUS workshops will take place in which the ACIST HDi is used. These immersive and intimate workshops are designed exclusively for practicing interventional cardiologists seeking to enhance their proficiency in intravascular imaging techniques. This novel concept workshop is directed by the OPCI team ( and will be animated by proctors such as Ziad Ali, Allen Jeremias, Jeffrey Moses, Evan Shlofmitz and Richard Shlofmitz.


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