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Precision Coronary Interventions:
Tools for Success

  • ACIST RXi® system
    Ready where you are.

    ACIST RXi<sup>®</sup> system<br/><b>Ready where you are.</b>
  • Navvus® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter
    Robust deliverability from
    a low profile, tapered tip.

    Navvus<sup>®</sup> Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter<br/><b>Robust deliverability from<br/>a low profile, tapered tip.</b>
  • ACIST CVi® simplifies the full range of interventional and diagnostic cardiac and vascular procedures, enhances patient safety and reduces operational costs.

    ACIST CVi<sup>®</sup> simplifies the full range of interventional and diagnostic cardiac and vascular procedures, enhances patient safety and reduces operational costs.
  • ACIST CVi® reduces contrast
    dosage by up to 20% per patient.

    ACIST CVi<sup>®</sup> reduces contrast<br /> dosage by up to 20% per patient.
  • HDi HD IVUS System
    IVUS reinvented in HD.

    HDi<sup>™</sup> HD IVUS System<br/><b>IVUS reinvented in HD.</b>

ACIST is a pioneering interventional and diagnostic technology company with a portfolio of advanced products, including the world’s first Rapid Exchange FFR and High Definition IVUS systems. We are also a global market leader in advanced contrast imaging systems for cardiovascular angiography. As part of the Bracco Group, ACIST benefits from the resources of a multinational conglomerate with broad expertise in cath lab technology and a dedication to continuous advancement.

ACIST Medical’s U.S.-based corporate headquarters manages all device manufacturing, research and development, technical and customer service, and global marketplace support. In addition, we have regional offices to support local sales and service for our vast array of international customers.

At every level of our operations, we are focused on our shared vision to be a leading provider of innovative diagnostic and interventional products and services that enable the interventionalist and their clinical team in providing superior patient care.

General U.S. Inquiries
ACIST Medical Systems, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
7905 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
Phone: 952-995-9300 or 888-667-6648
Fax: 952-941-4648

U.S. Technical Service & Customer Support
ACIST Medical Systems, Inc.
7905 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
Phone: 888-670-7701
Fax: 952-253-4524

U.S. Customer Sales
Injector patient kit orders
Phone: 877-272-2269, press 1

U.S. Equipment Sales
New equipment, accessories and quote inquiries
Phone: 877-272-2269, press 2

ACIST Europe B.V.
Argonstraat 3
6422 PH Heerlen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)45 750 7000

ACIST Japan Inc.
7F Dainippon-Tosho Otsuka
3-Chrome Bldg. 3-11-6, Otsuka
Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 112-0012
Phone: +81 369029520

ACIST Shanghai Trading Co, Ltd
Room 1008
No.688 West Nan Jing Road
Jing An District
Shanghai 200041
Phone: +86 21 5385 1515

The FFR-SEARCH study A new role for FFR in post-PCI treatment? 

FFR is widely used for preparing interventional strategy, but can it have a role in optimizing post-stenting outcome? R. Diletti introduces early results of an all-comer prospective registry aiming to fill the gap in today’s limited knowledge on how FFR measurements post-stenting can indicate the relative clinical success or failure of a procedure. What impact would a low FFR have on outcomes? Learn about the early 30-day results in over 950 patients and more than 1,100 lesions. Discover the intriguing FFR parameters and see what future FFR trials are being designed to further our understanding of this useful tool.

ACIST-FFR Head-to-Head U.S. study validates MicroCatheter FFR consistency and correlation to pressure wire FFR

The physiologic measurement of coronary lesions, FFR, has been shown to improve outcomes and diminish overall costs and yet, FFR is under-utilized today – why? Join M. Price as he introduces a new pressure monitoring microcatheter system for FFR. Will this system, which can be advanced over a coronary guidewire, offer a real and accurate alternative to the “traditional” pressure wire?  What were the unmet needs? Discover the details of this trial validating an exciting new device and learn whether observed differences in measurement between the two systems will have any impact on decision-making.

Routine post PCI FFR measurements & Best Practices for Optimized PCI

Routine FFR measurement after PCI the FFR-Search study one-year follow-up

Best practices for Optimized PCI

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