ACIST CVi® Economic Value Model

The complete economic value model is a set of robust variables and calculations based on extensive research from peer-reviewed published sources. This abbreviated website version is meant to give you an idea of the value ACIST CVi® may provide.

Total Coronary Catheterizations per Year

By entering the annual number of coronary catheterization procedures above, we can provide a rough estimate of the savings you/your hospital may realize by using CVi.

US procedure data showed the average break down between diagnostic versus PCI procedures was 65% to 35%1. Meta-analysis showed average contrast use per cardiac catherization procedure with hand manifold was around 202 mL, and ACIST CVi reduced the contrast use by 22% per procedure2. Additionally, the meta-analysis showed ACIST CVi® reduced overall incidence of CI-AKI by 15%2. The average annual incidence of CI-AKI is around 8.1% post PCI procedures and 11.9% post diagnostic procedures3. Average cost of contrast media is assumed to be $0.12 per mL. CI-AKI cost is around $10,459 in the model 4,5.

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