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ACIST Medical Systems Announces Distribution Partnership with Medis Medical Imaging

The partnership promotes an innovative, proven alternative to invasive assessment of coronary physiology

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN. (December 15, 2020) – ACIST Medical Systems, Inc., a Bracco Group Company, today announced a formal distribution partnership with Medis Medical Imaging to co- market in North America. This partnership is focused on Quantitative Flow Ratio (QFR®), a novel, non-invasive angiography based physiologic assessment of the presence and extent of coronary artery disease. Headquartered in Leiden, Netherlands, Medis has been developing innovative post- processing software for the quantification of cardiovascular images for over thirty years, with QFR® as their latest innovative product.

“This strategic collaboration expands our portfolio and enables ACIST to better support the evolving needs of our customer. This partnership solidifies ACIST’s position as the preferred physiology partner of choice with the ability to offer both invasive and non-invasive approaches to support the clinical utility that physiology provides,” said Brad Fox, President and CEO, ACIST Medical Systems, Inc.

Medis’ QFR® is a proprietary solution delivering image-based functional assessment of coronary obstructions from standard coronary angiograms. The novel QFR® approach applies advanced mathematical modeling to accurately and effectively measure the physiologic and anatomical extent of a patient’s coronary artery disease. QFR® also improves the patient experience with fast procedure times, no invasive pressure wire, and no required adenosine administration.

According to Morton Kern MD, Chief of Cardiology and interventional cardiologist at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System, California, “QFR represents a significant advance for assessment of coronary artery disease in the cath lab. Like other angiographically derived FFR systems, QFR will let the angiographer see the physiologic impact of the stenoses within a vessel of interest and make an informed decision on whether to stent or not without the need of a pressure wire or adenosine. While still in early clinical use, QFR and other angio-derived FFR systems will become a dominant method in the coming years by improving the patient experience and simplifying PCI decision-making.”

The QFR analysis is performed during the interventional procedure and can streamline workflow in the cath lab while driving economic value. Unlike traditional invasive assessments, including FFR and iFR, the QFR analysis output is co-registered with the angiogram and automatically identifies and prioritizes any functionally significant coronary obstructions. QFR provides the healthcare professional with more extensive and quantitative physiologic imaging results to support the patient’s diagnosis and better inform the patient’s treatment.

“Collaborating with ACIST expands our global reach with a proven commercial partner in the USA, helping Medis bring value-based, clinically proven imaging innovation to more clinicians and patients. Introducing QFR® in the USA is in line with the aspiration of Medis to establish QFR® as the world’s leading technology in angio-based functional assessments,” stated Hans Brons, CEO of Medis.

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ACIST Medical Systems, Inc. is a pioneering interventional and diagnostic technology company with a portfolio of advanced products, including the world’s first Rapid Exchange FFR and High Definition IVUS systems. It is also a global market leader in advanced contrast imaging systems for cardiovascular angiography and radiology imaging. The company also includes BRACCO INJENEERING, which provides injection technology solutions for state-of-the-art radiology centers. Through these products, ACIST is demonstrating its commitment to bringing unique and innovative technologies that simplify cardiovascular procedures and empower clinicians to treat patients with superior care. As part of the Bracco Group, ACIST benefits from the resources of a multinational conglomerate with broad expertise in cath lab technology and a dedication to continuous advancement. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, ACIST has worldwide presence with over 300 direct employees and facilities in Silicon Valley, Heerlen, and Tokyo. To learn more about ACIST, visit

About Medis

Medis Medical Imaging develops, markets and supports high quality and powerful software with innovative post-processing solutions for cardiovascular imaging. Medis has been developing software solutions to support the healthcare professionals in their CT, MR, X-Ray and Ultrasound procedures for over thirty years. Medis’ multi-modality software is best in class and vendor independent; it can be used in both scientific research and in clinical routines. Powered by artificial intelligence, Medis software incorporates innovative algorithms speeding up workflow, maximizing reproducibility and providing diagnostic confidence. At Medis we are constantly improving our products, supporting healthcare professionals with determining the best diagnosis and the subsequent treatment strategies for all patients.
Medis, imaging solutions in a heartbeat.
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About Bracco Group

Bracco is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and was founded in 1927. It is active in the healthcare sector through Bracco Imaging (diagnostic imaging), ACIST Medical Systems and HLT (cardiology) and the Centro Diagnostico Italiano diagnostic clinic. It has around 3,600 employees and annual total consolidated revenues of around 1.5 billion Euro. Bracco operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. To learn more about Bracco Group, visit