Product documents

ACIST HDi materials


Product documents

ACIST HDi materials


HDi Quick Guide

HDi Kodama Spec Sheet


System setup

HDi cable connections

Explains how the different HDi cables are connected.

HDi intro three components

This video introduces the three components of the HDi system: the Imaging Engine, the PIM and the LTS.

HDi shut down system

This video explains how to shut down the HDi system.

Catheter setup

HDi bagging the LTS

This video contains the instructions on bagging the LTS.

HDi preparing Kodama

Explains how the Kodama catheter is prepared prior to imaging.


HDi adjust gain and contrast

Explains how the gain and contrast adjustments can help to optimize your image.

HDi annotate images

Explains how to use the Annotate function to add notes to the HDi images.

HDi archiving a study

Explains how a study can be archived to DVD or a USB-drive.

HDi area and diameter

Explains how HDi’s measurement tools can be used to measure the area and diameter of a cross section.

HDi bookmark

Explains HDi’s bookmark function.

HDi exporting screenshot

Explains how a screenshot of the HDi screen can be directly exported to a USB drive.

HDi intro patient info

Explains how patient data can be introduced at the beginning of a case.

HDi measuring length

Explains how the length of a vessel segment can be measured on the HDi software.

HDi pan and zoom

Explains how to use the HDi pan and zoom function.

HDi plaque burden measurement

Explains how the plaque burden can be measured on a single HDi cross-section.

HDi recording a loop

This video explains how to record an HDi loop.

HDi review images

This video explains how to review recorded HDi loops.

HDi using rapid review

Explains how to use HDi’s Rapid Review option to help identify the lumen-to-vessel-wall transition.

Comparison videos

SFA Dissection

Circumflex Stent

HDi case studies and image library

Calcified lesions

Baseline HD IVUS for calcified left anterior descending (LAD) lesion

Distal left main (LM)


Edge dissection in left anterior descending (LAD)

In-stent restenosis

In-stent restenosis (ISR) of right coronary artery (RCA)

Interesting anatomy

Muscular bridge in left anterior descending (LAD)

Left main

Ostial left main (LM) lesion

Circumflex (CX) and left main (LM) lesion

Serial lesion

Serial lesion in left anterior descending (LAD)

Stent fracture

Stent fracture in right coronary artery (RCA)


Under-expansion in the circumflex (CX)

Clinical Evidence