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Authors (H3 heading)

Tara Neleman, BSc; Frederik Groenland, MD; Annemieke Ziedses des Plantes, BSc; Alessandra Scoccia, MD; Laurens J C van Zandvoort, PhD; Eric Boersma, PhD; Rutger-Jan Nuis, MD, PhD; Wijnand den Dekker, MD, PhD; Roberto Diletti, MD, PhD; Jeroen Wilschut, MD; Felix Zijlstra, MD, PhD; Nicolas M Van Mieghem, MD, PhD; Joost Daemen, MD, PhD


Background (H3 heading)

  • Additional optimization in patients with low post-PCI FFR significantly improves post-PCI FFR values
  • In the FFR REACT trial, we used IVUS to guide PCI optimization in patients with post-PCI FFR <0.90


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