ACIST CVi® simplifies contrast injection for all procedures – from small injections in the coronary arteries to large volume injections in the ventricles, aorta and peripheral vasculature – while enhancing safety, efficiency, control and image quality.

The built-in SAFETY features of the ACIST CVi offer proven benefits for patients and staff.

Patient Safety

AngioTouch® hand controller

Allows real-time, variable-flow control of the contrast injection rate for precise and consistent contrast administration, and has been shown to reduce per-patient contrast dosage by up to 20%.1

Built-in air column detection sensor*

Alerts the clinician and stops the injection if air is detected in the single-use patient tubing connected to the catheter.
*Sensors are not intended as a substitute for visually inspecting for air and clearing air from the patient kit and angiographic catheter.

Automated isolation manifold

Provides a barrier to prevent microbial/viral ingress to the contrast reservoir.

Touch screen monitor

Provides intuitive on-screen prompts for setup, adjustable injection volume and flow rate limits, contrast tracking information and real-time readouts for continuous system and procedure monitoring.

In-line, continuous hemodynamic monitoring

Provides a real-time pressure reading.

Staff Safety

Extendable hand controller and X-ray synchronization

Increases distance from radiation source.

Variable Rate Technology

Provides high quality images while minimizing fluroscopy times.3

Ergonomically designed hand controller

Minimizes operator hand/wrist fatigue and body strain.345


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