ACIST CVi®: Reference 03

Randomized  comparison  of  coronary  angiography  using  4F  catheters:  4F  manual  versus “ACISTed”  power  injection  technique.  Chahoud G, Khoukaz S, El-Shafei A, Azrak E, Bitar S, Kern MJ. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 2001; 53(2): 221-224.

Unselected patients undergoing transfemoral coronary angiography with 4F catheters were randomized to either the ACIST variable-rate contrast injection system (n=47) or to manual techniques (n=49). Procedural characteristics and angiographic quality scores were analyzed. Compared with the 4F manual contrast injection technique, diagnostic angiography through 4F catheters with the ACIST resulted in equivalent coronary angiographic image quality with significantly less radiographic contrast volume.